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Menalos ski center is situated in the heart of Peloponese, in the beautiful and historic Arcadia. You will find it in a magnificent landscape, in Ostrakina (1600m). Mountain Menalos has been internationally awarded for its natural beauties.

In this dreamy area, 162 km from Athens and 30 km from Tripoli the lovers of ski and not only will have an unforgettable moments.

Menalos, the closest ski center to the capital, remained closed for years. Visitors can enjoy their favorite sport in one of the eight runs.

There is a snowboard park, a special run for bikes (giant motorcycles and sledges), snowmobiles and snow tubes. While for the most demanding there is a special run for jumps. This park is at the ski center entrance. It is the favorite place for families with small children and those who love motor sports (cars and bikes).

The ski center has 4 lifts, a chalet with a guesthouse, cafeteria and a snack bar. For the beginners there is a ski school with trained ski teachers.


AGNO Very easy 100 m

POLYVIOS Difficult / very difficult 800 m

KALLISTO Difficult / very difficult 800 m

PITYS Easy 130 m

PAN Very difficult 650 m

ALEXIA Difficult 650 m

ERATO Easy 2,500 m

ANYTE Easy 350 m


TURTLE Baby - Ski lift 100 m

AETOS Ski lift 600 m

KRIOS Ski lift 160 m

ARKTOUROS Ski lift 380 m


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Published: 16 Nov. 2010
Published by: MyTraveler

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