Pertouli Snow Resort

Pertouli Ski Center - Trikala Ski Center 42032 PERTOULI , TRIKALA


Pertouli Ski Center is located in prefecture Trikala, in 5 km from the village Pertuli and at an altitude of 1200 m. at Koziakas mountain.. The resort is in a beautiful place with dense wood which is considered one of the most beautiful and most remained pine woods in Greece.

The mounting skiing resort of Pertuli operates since 1985. The base station of the mountain-skiing centre is at height of 1170 metres with the big parking with a capacity of 100 cars

You can find here three ski slopes of various degree of complexity: one line for beginners - 80м, another of the complexity average level - 400м Lang-Lauf slalom slope (1500 m. in length) of medium category with maximum inclination 40% and minimum inclination 20%. And three kinds of lifts: double-seat aerial, sliding one-seat and the baby-lift.

In Pertouli Ski Center also works ski schools (near the Chalet), with teachers for the instruction of beginners, Chalet, selling and renting ski equipment shops (near the Chalet), a lot of places for accommodation and cafe-restaurants in the area and the health station and ambulance for the safety of the visitors.

The mountain-skiing centre works daily from December, 1st till March, 31st.

Opening hours: 10:00 - 16:00, also weekends and on holidays.

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Published: 22 Nov. 2010
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