Olympon Cave

Agios Isidoros Petrokokkinou Campos, Chios, GR 82100


The cave of Olympi is found 8 Km southerly the middle aged settlement Olympi of Chios. Particularly, the cave lays at the area of "Sikia" of Olympi between the two gulfs, Fana and Salagona. In 1972 the local community asked from the Hellenic Speleological Society to explore the cave. The exploration took place in 1985 and since 2003 the cave is open for visitors from May till October every year.

It was created in Jurassic Era limestones (195-140 million years before. The chronology of various samples of carbonic materials (stalagmite sediments) of the cave from the Laboratory of Nuclear Physics "Dimokritos" showed that ancients than these was created before 230 thousand years.

The cave of Olympi is an underground cavern, which impresses visitors with its depth of 52 m. It is consisted of a main spacious chamber with impressive decoration and is expanded to an elongate part developed towards a northeast direction. Due to its narrowness and in order to be protected this part is not in the tourist path.

Through the natural entrance, at the ceiling of the cave, a beam of light sweeps the walls and floor, blending with the colors of the formations and creating unique scenery.

The humidity of the cave is up to 95% while its constant temperature is up to 18oC, though the water dropping inside varies depending on the season.

The tour lasts approximately 20-30 minutes and the groups do not exceed 25 persons, so that the microclimate is not disturbed. Visitors entering through an artificial tunnel enjoy the panoramic view of the main chamber. Then, they tour through the formations following the designated path reaching a depth of 30 meters. The tour narration is in Greek and/or English.

Working hours

OPEN: Tusday - Sunday

from 5/10 to 6/15: 11:00'-18:00'

From 6/16 to 9/19: 10:00' - 20:00'

From 9/250 to 10/10: 11:00' - 18:00'

From 10/10 to 5/10: CLOSED

Ticket price (euro)

5,00 € General Admition

3,00 € Reduced Admition

Tour guiding: Greek / English

Duration of visit: 20' - 30' min

Aproximate time of waiting: 20' min

Length of touristic trail: 50 m
Published: 1 Jun. 2010
Published by: MyTraveler

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