Neolithic lakeshore settlement - Dispilio


The archaeological site of Dispilio and the Eco-museum are 7 kilometres from the city, on the south side of the lake. A lake settlement of the Neolithic Era, developed around the lake from the middle of the 6th millennium BC to the middle of the 4th millennium BC has been excavated here.

Eco-museum that has been integrated in "Life" program since 1996 and is open to the public since 2000, is an attempt to represent the settlement. It gives the opportunity to the visitor to better approach the way of living of its inhabitants.

In the space of the museum, there are huts built on pile platforms, constructed in their normal size and with materials that are similar to the original ones. Tree trunks were used for the shell, thin branches stranded with rope for the walls, lake mud for the "plaster" and straws for the roof. In the interior of these houses of the lake's Neolithic people, one can see everyday-life objects.

Earthen pots, such as bottles, mugs, fruit bowls and kettles, tools made of firestone or bones, baskets and a small fire place give a clear picture of the life and the activities of the inhabitants. Fishing, hunting, earth cultivation and stockbreeding were their main activities.

Photography by PhotoPhotis
Published: 8 Feb. 2012
Published by: MyTraveler

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