National Historical Museum

13 Stadiou street (in the old Parliament Building)


The National Historical Museum belongs to The Historical and Ethnological Society of Greece (HESG), which was founded in 1882 for the purpose of collecting, saving and presenting relics and documentary evidence relating to modern Greek history. It is the oldest museum of its kind and it includes rich collections, which highlight the most representative phases of Neo-Hellenism, from the fall of Constantinople (15th Century) on. The National Historical Museum is also a research centre for Modern Greek History.

The museum is housed in the Old Parliament Building, which was founded in 1835 by Queen Amalia, and previously housed the Greek Parliament, from 1875 to 1935. The Old Parliament is an architectural jewel in the centre of Athens, while its grand congress hall is a place of historic significance; it is also appropriate for hosting major cultural and historical events today.
Published: 1 Jun. 2010
Published by: MyTraveler

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