Lake Kerkini


Lake Kerkini is situated in the Prefecture of Serres, 45 Km north-west from Serres, 100 Km from Thessaloniki and 604 Km from Athens. It is easy accessible by car. From Thessaloniki, there is the National Road Thessaloniki-Kilkis-Serres and alternatively the National Road Thessaloniki-Serres (take the exit to Strymoniko). From Serres, there is the National Road Serres-Kilkis or alternatively the National Road Thessaloniki-Serres (take the exit to Strymoniko).

The role of lake Kerkini is very important and multi-dimensional. Thus it has been characterized as a wetland of international importance, included in the catalogue of the Ramsar Convention (1974). The lake protects the lowland of Serres plain from flooding of the river Strymonas. It is the main water supplier for the irrigation of the area, one of the most productive areas of the country. Also, there is a significant diversity of fauna and flora. A lot of birds find shelter during winter in the wetland of Kerkini, many of which are under threat or there are in small populations.

A proportion of the people who live close to the lake are involved in fishery. Apart from its richness in fish, the lake is a place for recreation offering to its visitors a variety of activities. Also, the lake consists a field for scientific research, it can combine many ecological phenomena and a great variety of biodiversity.
Published: 8 Feb. 2012
Published by: MyTraveler

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