History and Folklore Museum in Arnaia

Arnaia Chalkidiki


The History and Folklore Museum in Arnaia was opened in summer of 1999.The purpose of the museum is to display artefacts of the popular culture of Arnaia and the surrounding area.

As one enters the building, the first room contains typical examples of the architectural heritage of Arnaia, and the second traditional folk instruments. Apart from this, on the ground floor there is a display of agricultural implements (for sowing, reaping, threshing), bread-making equipment (millstones, kneading boards, proving troughs, bread-stamps), bee-keeping equipment (hives, frames, an extractor for centrifuging the honey from the cells, skeps), carpentry equipment (vices, moulds for rooftiles and bricks, files, planes). On the mezzanine floor is the wherewithal for preparing and serving coffee, and on the first floor weaving equipment (a loom, a distaff, cards, a spinning wheel, carding machines), and tools and utensils for everyday use (cooking utensils, receptacles for carrying water, cauldrons, washing troughs, a brazier).

One particularly important exhibit is the Arnaia fire-engine, which is 200 years old.

Opening Hours: Summer, daily, 10.00-18.00

Admission: 2 Euro
Published: 1 Jun. 2010
Published by: MyTraveler

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