Camping Armenistis

Camping Armenistis- Sarti 63072 - Chalkidiki


"Armenistis" Camping site is located in Sithonia, the second and most beautiful "foot" of Chalkidiki, covering a piny area of 120 hectares, 135 km. from Thessaloniki. "Armenistis" Camping site already known and popular among thousands of vacationers in and outside the Greek borders, has reset the specifications of the term "camping" in the wider area, providing unique and often innovative comforts and conveniences to its visitors. Camping tents, motorhomes and camping caravans with air-condition and a special "yard" promise here unforgettable... summer night's dreams, as well as a comfortable stay throughout the day. The continuous provision of hot water and electricity is accompanied by the presence of refrigerators and washing machines, so that you do not miss your home!

An organized infirmary (in case of a bad moment), Mini Market, restaurant providing a rich menu for vegetarians and those who are fond of the Mediterranean diet, a bar, a cafeteria, a creperie, a summer cinema, gift-shops, book and newspaper stores, sport-fields and a playground (for the good moments) generously provide answers even to the most difficult questions, while at the same time, the personnel consisting of 150 (!) members provides even a tamer... sorry... we mean the childcare workers taking care of your children, as well as a security team, the latter hopefully with no need of use! We also provide you with boxes for your valuables. Are we done? Certainly not! We have already stated that where everybody else ends, we start...
  • Caravans for hire
  • Electrical hook-up
  • Laundry facilities
  • Recreational facilities
  • Site by a lake, river or sea shore
  • Tents for hire
Published: 15 Jun. 2010
Published by: MyTraveler

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