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1 Archaeological Museum Polygyros Chalkidiki


The Archaeological Museum of Polygyros is located in "Iroon" square in the city center and presents archaeological findings from the entire prefecture of Chalkidiki. Findings cover the period from the Copper Era until the Roman era and come from Stagira, Toroni, Pirgadikia. Afito, Polygyro, Ierisso, Stratoni and the ancient city of Olinthos.

The most fascinating findings of the museum include the semifinished kouros from the archaic era, weapons and jewelries form the late archaic and the classical era, the marble head of Dionysus form ancient Afitos (4th century BC), a column of a black figure from Vrasts (late 6th century BC), and two marble statues form the war memorial of Stratoni (1st century BC). Of great importance are also the findings from the city and the cemetery of Olinthos (archaic and classical era) providing a complete inside of the daily activities and social life back in time.

The museum hosted an exhibition entitled "Three colonies of Andros in Chalkidiki: Sani, Akanthos, Stageira" in 1998. Among the numerous findings three standing or bending statues of Nike are included, coming from the roof of a small temple of 6th century BC, initially located in Sani and later incorporated in the urban complex of Ouranoupolis. Due to this exhibition, the museum of Polygyros was awarded with the title of "Museum of the Year 1998".

Open every day except Monday

General Entrance: 2 euros, children and elderly people: 1 euro
Published: 1 Jun. 2010
Published by: MyTraveler

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