Agiou Georgiou Cave

Lofos Agiou Georgiou Kilkis


The cave, located on the Hill of Agios Georgios, constitutes the most important touristic site of the city. It was discovered by chance in about 1925. In 1960, the president of the Hellenic Speleological Society, Miss Anna Petrochilos, made its first mapping. The works for its exploitation started in 1977 and the cave opened for the public in 1986.

It has an unusually original form, as far as Greek caves are concerned, since it has a formation system of crevices, which in parallel and vertical directions, are perpendicularly opened. There are high ceilings and mazy narrow corridors. It has six spacious chambers while on the walls, the floors and the ceilings there are calcareous ornaments and unique stone corals.

Inside the cave, more than 300 samples of fossilized animal bones were found in a very good maintenance condition and studied by paleontologists.

According to a research of Czech doctors in 1988 the climate in the cave presents therapeutical qualities for the child bronchial asthma. Agios Georgios cave is destined for the development of speleotherapy for the first time in Greece.

Working hours 09:00'-14:00' Tuesday - Friday

09:00'-14:00' & 16:00'-18:00' Weekends

General information

Ticket price (euro) 5,00 € General Admission

2,00 € Groups

Tour guiding Yes: Greek

Duration of visit 30' min

Aproximate time of waiting 15' min

Length of touristic trail 250 m
Published: 1 Jun. 2010
Published by: MyTraveler

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