Aggitis River Cave

Municipal Hall of Prosotsani 15, Christou Sakari 66 200 Municipality of Prosotsani, Drama


The cave of the springs of the Aggitis River is located in the Municipality of Prosotsani in the Prefecture of Drama and attracts thousands of visitors every year. This type of cave is unique in Greece and has the following characteristics:

It is one of the least exploited river caves in Greece.

It is the largest karstic system in Greece with a length of 10,200 metres.

It is currently the second longest cave in Greece.

Visitors can tour the cave with guides employed by the Municipal Enterprise and admire the colourful and varied forms of the stalactites reflected in the still waters of the underground river. The tour includes information about the manner in which the caves were created, the archaeological excavations and the history of the region.

Also of great interest is the natural beauty of the environment surrounding the cave. The rich vegetation, recreation areas and shops provide enough comforts for a day-trip to the cave.

Working hours


10:30' - 17:00' Monday - Friday

10:00' - 17:30' Sundays & Holidays


10:30' - 19:00' Monday - Friday

10:00' - 19:30' Sundays & Holidays

Tour guiding: Yes

Duration of visit: 40' min

Length of touristic trail: 500 m
Published: 6 Feb. 2012
Published by: MyTraveler

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