Ski Center Vasilitsa

Vassilitsa Ski Center 51100 Vassilitsa


Triple chair lift (Philippos)

Length of 1016m - height difference 183m (1642m - 1825m)


Difficult + Medium difficulty - "Struga" length 1040m

Difficult + Medium difficulty - "Galan" length 1060m

Easy - length of 1680m

Double chair lift (M. Alexandros)

The length of 913m difference in altitude 313 m (1800m - 2113m)


Very difficult+Difficult - "Piges" length 1060m

Very difficult+Difficult - "Diaz" in length 1000m

Difficult + Medium difficulty - "Limnes" length 1850m

Difficult + Medium difficulty - "Distrota" length 1630m

Surface lift (Elim)

The length of 1060m difference in altitude 272m (1788m - 2060m)


Complicated - "Sindetiki" length 700m

Difficult + Medium difficulty - "Elim 1" in length 1100m

Difficult + Medium difficulty - "Elim 2" in length 1100m

Difficult + Medium difficulty - "Dasos" length 2052m

Easy - The route length of 2080m

Surface lift (Migdanis)

Length 800m 224m difference in altitude (1810m - 2034m)


Difficult - "Migdanis" length 850m

Surface lift

The length of 980m difference in altitude 296m (1744m - 2040m)


Very difficult+Difficult - "Annitsa" length 920m

Very difficult+Difficult - "Samarin" length 1020m

Difficult - "Stratiotis" length 1080m

Baby Lift - 360m

Baby Lift - 170m

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Published: 7 Nov. 2011
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