Basilica of Sofroniou


"Sofronios Basilica" dating from the first half of the fifth century AD and is one of the oldest Early Christian churches have been found in the region of Macedonia. The three-aisle basilica of "Sofroniou, had a total width of 36.80 m and a length of 43.80 m. The most important findings in the church are the special style marble (opus sectile). Other key findings in the temple is the mosaic decoration of the floor, remnants of wall paintings and sculptures.

The band's name is one of the inscriptions are preserved in the temple by the name of Bishop Sofroniou.

Evidence shows that the temple was destroyed by fire during the 6th century AD. By another theory the temple was destroyed by an earthquake.
Published: 1 Jun. 2010
Published by: MyTraveler

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