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Mytraveler.gr is a website which tries with your help to discover and share the beauties of Greece with all the other visitors. Greece is a unique place with a history that goes back in time, a great number of archeological monuments, a huge number of beaches suitable for every taste but most of us are not fully aware of these. With your help Mytraveler.gr tries to collect all the info about each place so anyone can find out about all the places and visit them. Here you can submit the places you are familiar with, add pictures and videos of them, leave critiques and grade them and plan your travels as. For all these to happen and function properly there are rules and conditions to which you have to agree in order to maintain a high level of quality services to everyone.


By using this website you guarantee that all the information you provide are true, correct and accurate. Also you agree to maintain your account information secure and you will be fully responsible for the usage of your account from a third party. You verify that you are above the age of thirteen in order to acquire an account to our website and you fully agree with the terms as they are explained in the current page.
You can tell Us at any time that You wish to close Your user account. You must do this by sending an email to Us. As soon as reasonably practicable after receiving Your email We will reply to You and then delete Your user account. When We delete Your user account Your profile will no longer be visible to other users of Our Service.


You cannot copy, reproduce or use any of the material of our website or part of it without a written permit from the owner of the website. In order to acquire the allowance you can communicate with us through the contact us form which opens using of the link on the bottom of the current page.
All the information displayed to our website belong to Mytraveler.gr except the material and information which were provided by members. You agree not to alter in any way, copy, reproduce, transfer, display, print, publish, give permit for, create copies of, sell any or part of the information and services that you receive from this website.
You agree that the material submitted to our website does not belong to someone else except you.
Mytraveler.gr is not responsible for the content, messages, critiques and any other type of material that you deliver, but maintains the right to delete without warning any of those.
The information and services provided by Mytraveler.gr may contain inaccuracies or errors. All the information is provided "as is" without any form of guarantee.
Mytraveler.gr cannot provide the guarantee that the website or the emails send by it do not contain computer viruses or any other harmful content.
You are solely responsible for using this website and in under any circumstances Mytraveler.gr shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage, loss of income, loss of profit, and data that is linked in any way with the website or use of it, the inability of accessing it or the inability of using it in any way.
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Mytraveler.gr is not responsible for any material made public by its members or third parties, for any loss or damage, any type of errors which may you come across.
Mytraveler.gr is not responsible for any of its content provided by its members.
Mytraveler.gr maintains the right to check, analyze or remove without warning the material which is uploaded by its members or saved to its database anytime and for any reason.
If you don't follow the above guidelines your account may be suspended or deleted.
If you have complaints or disagree for the material or the content provided by other users of the website, or you have any reason to believe that the material and content displayed on the website violates copyright ownership which you possess you may contact us immediately by the use of the link provided at the bottom of the page.


1) If you would like to submit a place, you must know details about it such as
a) geographical coordinates or exact location on the map
b) name of the place (at least in Greek or English)
2) before you register a place please check if it was not already submitted.
3) the place that you will submit will be displayed to the guide only after it is authenticated by us.
4) if you register an existing place it shall be deleted along with all its content.
5) if the place you registered does not fulfill the required rules it shall be deleted along with all its content.
6) Mytraveler.gr with your help tries to correct all the provided data about any place but cannot guarantee their accuracy.
7) if there is no description for a place and you would like to add it or it has an old information and you want to update it or the place not exists anymore you can send information to us via the use of the "Suggest an edit" button in that place's webpage.


1) you can share your photographs places already submitted by other members or you can add a place with your photographs and help other become familiar with Greece.
2) the photographs that you will upload must belong to you.
3) faces of people must not be recognizable in those photographs.
4) they must clearly depict the place you would like to correlate.
5) the photographs dimensions should be from 1200 to 2000 pixels in length and 800 to 1200 pixels in height.
6) the quality of photographs should be adequate enough and they must describe the place you correlate them with. High quality of the photographs is very important because they represent the place. Visitor first pays attention to the pictures in order to gain an idea about the place and then proceeds to read the description.
7) Mytraveler.gr is not responsible for any uploaded photographs by third parties. The responsibility belongs fully to the person that uploaded them.
8) if any of the photographs displayed on the guide belongs to you but you didn't upload it, please contact us.
9) if you think that any of the displayed photographs does not portray the place please contact us by the use of the button "Suggest an edit" which you can find at the page of the current place and check the corresponding photograph.
10) Mytraveler.gr maintains the right to correct or to delete any photograph which does not comply with the rules.

Comments critiques messages

1) you are forbidden to use abusive vocabulary in critiques, comments and messages.
2) none of the above should insult or humiliate someone.
3) critiques for places should be correct sufficient and complete.
4) during the critique you must explain why you displayed your current view .
5) short and unclear critiques such as "perfect hotel", "nice tavern" shall be deleted.
6) if any critique constitutes an advertisement it shall be deleted.
7) Mytraveler.gr maintains the right to correct or to delete any critique, comment or message which does not comply with the rules.